Jul 24, 2019
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Asus Zenbook S13 UX392F: on the brink of perfection

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The Zenbooks have always been the showcase of Asus’ know-how in the field of ultraportables. With this new model S13, UX392F test version, the Taiwan brand wants to differentiate itself from the competition by focusing on the most visible part of its product: the screen.

While some manufacturers, such as Microsoft or Huawei, rely on a 3: 2 screen for their laptops, Asus takes the opposite by offering a conventional horizontal format screen. More so, Asus wants to impress the user by promising a screen / facade ratio of 97%, the highest on the market. The average is around 80%, but some manufacturers are betting on this aspect, including Dell with its XPS 13 which reaches 87%. One thing is certain, the strategy works, the effect “wow” being present when using the PC for the first time. But beyond an exceptional screen, Asus offers with its Zenbook S13 a product of excellence that still deserves some adjustments to be perfect, especially at the battery.


For this new model, Asus has pushed the high-end aspect with a brushed aluminum chassis the most beautiful effect on all parts of the PC. Visually, the design is very successful and remains in line with the manufacturer, especially with this brushing circle on the hood of the screen.

Light, aluminum has the added advantage of being solid. Thus, the PC does not bend under pressure. In addition, this material is not sensitive to fingerprints or scratches.

Like the previous models, the Zenbook S13 delivers other design finds, such as the screen that serves as a keyboard support. Once the Zenbook S13 is open, the base of the screen is based on the support on which the PC is placed, which has the effect of tilting the keyboard by 4 ° for a more pleasant typing.

The tilting of the keyboard, a small detail that changes the game.
The other design genius of this PC lies in the impressive ratio of its screen – we talk more about it in the dedicated part. This helps to reduce the size of the PC, which thus has a 13-inch chassis while the screen is 14 inches.

The keyboard is well designed. With some resistance and a short stroke (1.4 mm), the keys provide a pleasant feeling during writing sessions, reinforced by a fairly wide space between them. This keyboard has four levels of backlight (white) to work quietly in dark environments. It should be noted that it does not have a numeric keypad (this is not surprising on a 14-inch format) and that the “input” key adopts a long format, which can annoy the user who will tend to reflex on the “*” key. Pity. The trackpad is effective and responds perfectly to the demands of the user. Similarly, the fingerprint sensor is high quality, fast to unlock the PC.

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