Jul 8, 2020
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Between old and new, discovering Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time

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Corridor rumors about a new game dedicated to Crash Bandicoot started circulating even before Crash Bandicoot: Nsane Trilogy was released and subsequently continued to become an unprecedented success, but now we can say with certainty that this very long wait since the days of Crash Bandicoot: Warped is about to end.

After weeks of rumors, leaks, teaser gadgets sent to journalists and influencers, and even revealing a rating board rating, Activision and Toys for Bob can finally announce Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time . I had the pleasure of speaking with Paul Yan, creative director and boss of Toys for Bob, about the new game and what it is about, and it is fascinating to know that they are doing everything to mix old and new together. The gameplay remains basically the same, but the addition of new playable characters, new mechanics and even an updated graphic style makes it immediately evident that this is a real sequel designed for old and new players.

One of the most interesting features are the Quantum Masks and the way they open up a whole range of new possibilities, especially when combined with the fact that Crash and Coco can both perform wall-running, run and use the ropes to move through the levels. For those who know the franchise, these new masks are very different from Aku Aku. Although there will be four different versions in the final game, the only two Yan they can talk about now are the ones that slow down time and manipulate gravity. The use of the time mask, for example, allows you to overcome fast traps and even nitro cassettes, while the gravity mask can be used to make impossible jumps and the like by walking on the ceilings and in other imaginative ways,

These masks cannot be used in all levels, however, since some other playable character cannot use them. That’s right, this time Neo Cortex is one of the playable characters and has unique levels created specifically for his skills. The mad scientist cannot double jump like marsupials, so something has been built that allows him to jump forward and fly for a short period of time. It’s also quite difficult to get around with that big brain of hers, so she’ll deal with the dangers using her modified ray gun. We say “modified” because it can be used to transform objects into solid or inflatable platforms based on what you want to do at that moment. Having these options makes the Cortex levels more focused on puzzles than normal stages,

In fact, the options seem to be an important focus in It’s About Time since Toys for Bob has also introduced a more accessible mode where you have unlimited lives, so you don’t have to start over after dying too many times, making it more accessible to younger players who are perhaps not used to the severe difficulty offered by old platform games. But don’t run away, veteran Crash fans. The so-called Retro mode will allow you to play in the traditional way in which you have a certain number of lives to finish a level.

Modern mode, on the other hand, has been crafted for those who don’t want to think about the finite number of lives hanging over their heads like the Sword of Damocles, as they try to pass a specific part of a level. This does not mean that you will not be tested, however. To that end, there is a new type of challenge that will reward you with a gem if you complete a level without dying a certain number of times, so the franchise’s focus on a specific platform system is still there, regardless of how. you choose to play.

This is probably also the reason why the levels will be more linear than Warp with It’s About Time which returns to the more structured approach of the original. This not only helps the game tell a more coherent story, but also increases the difficulty and introduces new mechanics in a more predictable way. As you can see in the new trailer, in the gameplay clip and in the screens included in this article, it seems that both the gameplay and the bosses will be different in this highly anticipated sequel, so I can’t wait to try Crash again on October 2nd. And you?

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