Jun 11, 2018
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Blackberry KEY2 is the rebirth of an icon

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Blackberry KEY2 is the rebirth of an icon, or at least this is the promise of the company that produces it, the Chinese TCL, which I have today in New York unveiled the new product.

A smartphone that renews the proposal, usually oriented to the business world, with a physical keyboard and in this case with the dual camera.

The price will be 649 euros, an interesting middle ground, but it remains to be seen if this format with the keys is still today a very attractive alternative. There is no doubt that it is beautiful and that the combination of touch and keyboard can be an interesting mix.

Do not miss the dual camera, now essential for the premium range: last year KeyONE had excellent photographic quality, we’ll see if this new model will be able to live up to it!


TCL Communication, one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in the world, with a license for the BlackBerry brand, presents BlackBerry® KEY2, the most advanced BlackBerry® smartphone to date. Equipped with the iconic physical keyboard and provided with the main privacy and security features developed by BlackBerry Limited, this smartphone has features never seen before on a BlackBerry device. With Android ™ 8.1 Oreo operating system, BlackBerry KEY2 is the first phone of the brand to have a double rear camera, while the Speed Key, the hotkey, allows instant access, and with a simple gesture, to applications, contacts and to the most frequently used features.

BlackBerry KEY2 will be distributed worldwide1, starting this month, at the recommended price of € 649.

Although today, for the consumer, the choice in terms of smartphones is very rich, most of the proposed solutions tend to offer very similar experiences of use, without great differentiation “, explains Alain Lejeune, Senior Vice President of TCL Communication and President of BlackBerry Mobile. “With BlackBerry KEY2, we have developed a smartphone that stands out, bringing together all the specifics that have made BlackBerry an iconic brand and introducing a series of innovations that make it one of the best devices in terms of privacy and security, as well as the BlackBerry smartphone more advanced that has ever been produced “.

“Those BlackBerry are the safest Android smartphones in the world. We design them to ensure security at all levels and we are thrilled to partner with TCL Communication for the launch of their new BlackBerry KEY2, “said Alex Thurber, BlackBerry’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of Mobility Solutions. “BlackBerry has continued to refine its mobile security approach for decades, and we are proud to be able to offer our new, modern and original BlackBerry smartphone to our fans anywhere in the world.”


Curated in design to meet the most current market needs, BlackBerry KEY2 is a decisive step forward in the KEY series and is presented with premium quality construction materials and refined aesthetic details, starting from an elegant 7 Series aluminum frame, which gives elegance and solidity. The back of the phone, soft touch, has been designed to ensure an even more stable and comfortable grip on the device. The headband of the BlackBerry KEY2 has been redesigned to be even smarter and the 4.5 “touchscreen display, with 2.5D Corning® Gorilla® screen, offers greater resistance to scratches, defining a smoother screen design and a wraparound look from one edge to the other.

The improved keyboard has been designed with the utmost care to make typing more immediate and intuitive, while the height of the keys on the BlackBerry KEY2 has been increased by 20%, to ensure a more comfortable and precise writing experience. The keys are opaque black and the overall design of the keyboard has been optimized. This also includes a fingerprint reader on the space bar, updated for better tactile response.

The new Speed ​​Key has been added to the keypad, allowing quick access to various functions of the device. With it you will no longer need to go back to your smartphone’s home screen or browse through apps, contacts or other features. Just press the Speed ​​Key at the same time as any of the other 52 customizable shortcuts to quickly open one of the most used applications, call one of your favorite contacts or access other features. The new BlackBerry smartphone features a KEY keyboard that supports fast typing flick-typing, faster messaging times, predictive text input, and a trackpad to quickly scroll through emails, web pages, and more, for an experience of reading and fast and intuitive mobile browsing.


BlackBerry KEY2 offers up to two days of battery life, 6GB of RAM, in both 64GB and 128GB expandable memory via MicroSD: features that make this BlackBerry smartphone the most advanced ever developed. Powered by a Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ processor, the BlackBerry KEY2 gives users the power they need, whatever their necssessiveness. In addition to Qualcomm® Quick Charge ™ 3.0, the BlackBerry KEY2 is equipped with the Smart Battery Experience technology, which learns the user’s habits in everyday life and will advise on when to recharge so as to have sufficient battery life to easily cope with a business meeting. an imminent flight or any other commitment.

BlackBerry KEY2 brings, for the first time on a BlackBerry smartphone, a double rear camera. These two 12MP cameras offer an automatic white balance, faster autofocus, improved image stabilization and new photo capture experiences never seen before on a BlackBerry smartphone. The BlackBerry KEY2 also introduces new acquisition modes, such as Portrait mode and Optical Superzoom. With Portrait mode, users can make beautiful portrait photos by creating professional-looking images. In addition, the optical Superzoom allows you to take pictures of better quality and with more details, even from a distance. This feature uses multi-frame acquisition to reduce noise and present an improved image to the user. BlackBerry KEY2 also integrates Google Lens, which allows you to search more quickly information about things and objects from a photo: for example, photographing a book you can review the reviews and much more.


Like all BlackBerry smartphones, the BlackBerry KEY2 also includes advanced privacy and security features. The operating system, from this point of view, is enhanced and the phone has a security system Root of Trust, patented by BlackBerry, by adding security keys to the processor. Which makes it the safest Android smartphone on the market. The BlackBerry DTEK ™ application provides an intuitive tool to verify the security level of the device, allowing you to see how far applications can access data and manage permissions for each of them. In this way, you can monitor how downloaded applications access personal data, such as location, access to the camera, microphone and more, protecting privacy and security. The BlackBerry DTEK ™ application now includes the new Proactive Health control feature, which allows you to scan the device and receive immediate feedback on potential vulnerabilities and possible optimizations.

The Locker application has been improved to offer even more privacy and better content control: you can create private folders for documents and photos, so that they are not uploaded to the cloud, while Mozilla’s Firefox Focus, a browser for browsing in incognito, is very useful for when you do not want our web browsing session to be monitored. Locker is only accessible via fingerprint or password, helping to store and protect user sensitive data, applications and other content such as photos and downloaded files.

BlackBerry KEY2 is part of the Android Enterprise Recommended program, created by Google to help companies choose the most suitable Android smartphone for their needs. This means that the BlackBerry KEY2 meets the high requirements defined and validated by Google, such as the need to receive regular security updates (which BlackBerry Mobile provides monthly), new hardware features and at least one major operating system update. BlackBerry KEY2 also supports Android’s Zero Touch, which allows companies to equip their employees with easily configurable and manageable mobile devices.


BlackBerry KEY2 combines the best of Android ™ 8.1 Oreo with a mobile experience only possible with a BlackBerry smartphone. With access to millions of apps in the Google Play ™ store and with features like Google Assistant and Google Lens, the BlackBerry KEY2 is the BlackBerry smartphone everyone has been waiting for. The Speed ​​Key makes it easier to access the most used applications, allowing you to create custom profiles for when you are at home, in the car, in a meeting or on the road.

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