Nov 30, 2020
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Over a third of respondents close their Christmas purchases by the end of November

November, time for Christmas gifts: this is what Kantar’s research  commissioned by eBay tells us  about Italians’ trends in terms of Christmas gifts .

The study has returned a photograph that well describes the tendency of Italians to move forward with regard to purchases in view of the Christmas holidays.

For 32% of them, in fact, Christmas shopping starts already in November , while the hard core of those who dedicate themselves to it only a few days before Christmas resists:  9%  of Italians take the time to make gifts a week. previous and 1%  one or two days before. The  3%  advantage instead of the January sales, while ‘ 11%  chooses foresight to think about it and buy them throughout the year. For the rest of the interviewees, December remains the month to dedicate to Christmas shopping.

There are several  reasons  that lead Italians to choose to start Christmas gifts before December: the most common among the interviewees is the greater time available to look for the right gifts ( 46% ). This is followed by the choice of avoiding too crowded shops ( 34% ), the possibility of spreading the shopping over several weeks ( 32% ), the greater choice of products ( 32% ), delivery on time ( 19% ) and the will to carry on, at least as regards Christmas gifts ( 14% ).

Also interesting is the choice of  budget ranges  that Italians have decided to allocate for Christmas gifts for loved ones and emerge from the eBay search: the most popular is the one ranging from € 151 to € 200, preferred by  15% of respondents. , while  14%  decided to spend between € 51 and € 100.

Below, in order of preference, the bands ranging from € 101 to € 150 ( 13% ), from € 201 to € 250 ( 9% ), from € 251 to € 300 ( 9% ), from € 351 to € 400 ( 7% ) and from € 301 to € 350 ( 6% ).

The  13%  of respondents decided instead of spending by € 400 up, while  9%  thought to spend less than 50 €. In general, this year Italians plan to buy  7 gifts  and spend, on average,  € 213 .

Who do you spend the most on? Most of the budget is dedicated to children ( € 137 ), followed by their partner ( € 102 ) and grandchildren ( € 73 ). Men spend more :  € 120  for a Christmas gift to their better half, compared to  € 84  spent by women.

How many people do Italians usually buy Christmas gifts for?  For  34%  of them from 6 to 10 people, for  31%  from 3 to 5, while to 1 or 2 people and to a number ranging from 11 to 20 respectively 10%  of the interviewees dedicate gifts  . On average, every Italian buys gifts for 7 people for Christmas.

The most generous, women: on average they buy gifts for 8 people, compared to 6 gifts bought by males. Curiosity. For  3%  of the interviewees, the purchase of Christmas gifts is not part of their commitments and 1%  gives gifts to a number of people ranging from 21 to 30.

In addition, those who will use PCs and laptops for Christmas shopping are increasing:  21%  think they will make more purchases in this way.

As for the  product categories : above all, for Christmas gifts the favorite remains that of clothing and accessories, on which 17%  of Italians will orient themselves  . This is followed by technological products, which will be chosen by  16%  of those interviewed, toys ( 11% ), perfumery products ( 9% ), books ( 9% ), hobby and collectible products ( 6% ) and, equal merit, those for the home ( 6% ).

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If for Italians Christmas gifts begin in November, perhaps the merit is not only of Ebay but also of the risk of Lockdown, but perhaps this is just my belief.

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