Sep 5, 2019
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Google, 65 new emojis coming to Android Q

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Whether you use a simple smile, a red rose or a crown, emojis have become a fixture in online conversations around the world. And the range of emoji available to users continues to grow now that Google has revealed its intention to bring even more to Android.

The company announced, on the occasion of World Emoji Day, that it will add 65 new emojis to its operating system for mobile devices. Some of the new entries include a sloth, a flamingo, waffle, an otter, an orang and a skunk, but also a series of gender fluid design (absolutely neutral from the point of view of the genre, in short). Google therefore explains:

For example, the policeman’s emoji is commonly masculine, while the one who cuts his long hair is female, which can reinforce gender stereotypes. With the new update, however, it will be possible to choose emojis without sex, which are based on an ambiguous design; anyone who wants to can still resort to the choice of female or male gender.
In addition, emojis will be added that depict disabilities, such as wheelchairs and prosthetic limbs and, to top it off, the handshake will include many more skin color combinations. The Mountain View company claims that all the new additions and changes will be officially available in Android Q . Meanwhile, BigG has revealed that it has made over 3200 changes to its search system over the past year, a clear sign of how the technology giant is a machine always at work. And again, he announced that he had definitively closed the Dragonfly project , the censored search engine that would allow him to enter the Chinese market.

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