Dec 25, 2019
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Here is DORO 8080, the simple and intuitive smartphone for seniors

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Recent research says that seniors are constantly growing :  by 2020, a quarter of the European population will be 60 or older . This trend will see seniors increasingly active in the use of technology, constantly attracted by innovative designs but always with a great need for simplification.

Doro has always tried to bridge the technological gap with  smart products that are easy to use .
This year at IFA 2019 we saw the newcomer,  the Doro 8080 smartphone . 

The new device, mainly dedicated to  the active seniors segment , a category that has already had the opportunity to get in touch with the world of technology and in particular smartphones, has a range of functions that differentiate it from traditional products on the market. 

How is DORO 8080 special?

Doro 8080 is a simple and intuitive product that has high-level performance and a modern design and high quality.

The idea behind Doro 8080 is to offer  a smartphone that can combine easy use with elegant design and high quality performance .
In addition to focusing on user needs, the key features of the device include an intuitive and simple Doro interface and  MyDoro® , the service  that allows friends and relatives, once authorized, to remotely manage the device of the senior person .

In particular, to configure the contacts in the phone book and the numbers to call in case of emergency, increase or decrease the volume of the ring tone and the brightness of the screen, and check the status of the device and the battery and use by the senior. My Doro® therefore guarantees concrete and safe help from third parties called to intervene where the senior finds difficulty. 

Technical features

Doro 8080 offers a simple and appealing Android experience for all users. In fact, thanks to  Eva ,  Doro’s intuitive and action-based interface , surfing with a smartphone is easy. Eva follows the user step by step in the navigation, asking him through questions which actions he wants to do, and executing the requests based on the answers; is a valid support, especially in combination with Google Assistant, integrated in the device. 

The other features on which the Doro developers have paid particular attention are dedicated to the sound sector, with high and strong tones, the large and easy to read display, the integrated camera, the fingerprint reader and the assistance button for greater safety in case of emergency, in addition to the headphone jack. 

The bright  5.7-inch display with 2: 1 ratio offers the best compromise between screen properties and portability. A CNC aluminum frame makes the smartphone a light but robust device. The device also has a fingerprint protection on the back of the display, a tight back paint and a special  Dragontrail glass for excellent resistance in case of falls and scratches.

The physical keys are well spaced from each other for a simple typing; the Home button allows the user to return to the menu with just one touch of the button. The battery has ample battery life and has a USB-C connection for charging.

Doro 8080 also offers users access to exclusive services, such as  Response by Doro®: by pressing the assistance button, the user can be put in touch either with their emergency contacts as relatives or friends or with a contact center assistance that will take care of the request for help at any time of the day, 24 hours a day.

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