Aug 5, 2019
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HP Omen 15: a good balance for a PC equipped with a GeForce RTX 2060

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Laptops with GeForce RTX 20 graphics cards are starting to hit the market. If models equipped with RTX 2070 or RTX 2080 landed first, those with a RTX 2060 graphics card are installed on the shelves. Less expensive with an average price around € 1,400 (against a price between € 2,000 and € 3,000 for those with a superior GPU), these laptops are not lacking interest – and quality – so far. This is particularly the case of the HP Omen 15-dc1001nf tested here.


The Omen laptop 15-dc1001nf of our test is equipped with a GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card.


HP did a great job with the Omen 15-dc1001nf chassis. Visually, first of all. HP retains the “sober gamer” look by keeping the black with small touches of red. The hood, a mixture of plastic and aluminum, adopts angular shapes and aggressive patterns. If it keeps its gamer aspect, it remains still relatively discreet compared to other models of the market on the same segment, and this, in particular thanks to the absence of ostentatious leds.


The design of the hood is successful.In addition to being visually pleasing, the Omen 15 offers a solid chassis, which retains neither fingerprints nor those due to daily use (scratches, etc.) on its hood. The lower part is aluminum, does not crack under the fingers and gives a welcome impression of strength. Unlike the hood, it is more sensitive to fingerprints.


The keyboard part easily marks.The keyboard of the Omen 15-dc1001nf is successful, but without sparking. With a nice short run, it is still a little soft under the fingers. It has some benefits including a backlight (red only) that can illuminate the entire keyboard – or only ZQSD keys -, convenient for nightly gaming sessions. It also offers a handy keypad and a button Omen to have an overview of the PC, such as processor temperature or memory usage. On the other hand, small flat with regard to the key entered long and which is not easily findable without looking in the first time. The PC gamer trackpad is not very accurate and has two mechanical keys not very responsive.


The keyboard is correct despite some defects. On the side of the connectors, the Omen 15 is very complete, using its two slices and the back of the hood for its ports. It has a USB 3.1 Type-C port, three USB 3.1 ports, a mini DisplayPort port, an RJ45 HDMI port and a mini-jack for microphone and headphones. If the distribution of the ports is rather malignant, with the USB ports on the side and the ports for screen in the back, it is still noted that the outlet on the right side, would also have deserved to be located behind the screen to clear space. Pity.


The back of the PC offers a complete connectivity.Disassembling the computer is relatively easy. Armed with a precision screwdriver, the user can easily remove the eight screws to access the bowels of the computer. Then it is possible to replace the hard drive (SATA 2.5 “) and the SSD (M.2 format) .Also, it is extremely easy to add a RAM strip (DDR4) in the empty slot The Omen 15 is a  very flexible laptop that allows you to change the components, but not add a second SSD for example, no additional SATA or M.2 slot is present.


It is easy to add a bar of RAM.The heating of the Omen 15 is well managed. During our usual test protocol ( Metro Last Light benchmark for one hour), it was able to contain the heat under the keyboard in a correct way, by evacuating it from the back of the screen, so that the user keeps his cool palms. The underside of the chassis is mounted up to 50 ° C, which is not very cool, but not alarming either for a gaming computer, which is also not intended to be on the lap of the user . Nevertheless, this heat is counterbalanced by a discreet breath, which was measured by us at 42 dB. If he gets along, the breath is low for a gaming PC. 


On the chassis side, the Omen can convince despite some small defects that are not too daunting. 

NB: The consumption of Omen 15 is classic, 130 W in game, 40 W in office and nothing in standby.


The HP Omen 15-dc1001nf is equipped with a 15.6-inch 15.6-inch matte IPS panel with a definition of 1920 x 1080p with a 60 Hz refresh rate. HP has made efforts at the curbs. screen on the side, which raises the screen / facade ratio to 77.8%, placing it in the high average of gaming PCs currently.


1 425: 1              DELTA E

7.1             TEMPERATURE

6,180 K 

Once the screen has passed under the lens of our probe, it reveals results oscillating between the very good and the passable. The measured contrast of the slab is 1425: 1, which is a very good score on mobile, and can display deep blacks. The temperature is also controlled. From 6,180 K, it is close to 6,500 K of the video standard; the screen does not pull blue or red. On the other hand, the respect of the colors is not with the rendezvous, with an average delta E of 7.1. In fact, this means that the colors displayed are not respected, this is the case of greens and blues, in particular.

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