Sep 30, 2018
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iOS 12: charging problems with the display turned off

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Some users report the inability to load iDevice without unlocking the screen: a question connected to USB Restricted Mode?

An iOS 12 bug may prevent the devices from charging with the screen turned off. This is what some users report, pointing out that iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max in some cases have not started the charge cycle once connected the Lightning cable, then confirmed by others on iPad and old smartphones. The issue is easily solved by unlocking the screen or reconnecting the cable, but needs a prompt resolution from Apple.

The malfunction was initially reported by UnboxTherapy, to then find different confirmations from other users. According to information, the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max may not automatically start charging when the Lightning cable is connected, instead requiring the screen to be unlocked or the connection procedure to be repeated. Already renamed “ChargeGate”, as now custom web for all the issues that involve iDevice, the problem would have occurred on the iPad and older iPhone and, according to experts, it could be software.

According to some, the question may be related to USB Restricted Mode, the way to protect user data when a cable is connected to the device. Apple, in fact, has provided in its new operating system a function to prevent the personal data of the owner dell’iDevice unduly copied: inserted the Lightning cable, in fact, it is now necessary to unlock the screen in pre-established time intervals. An attacker, for example, who has acquired a stolen smartphone, can not access it without a Touch ID or Face ID identification. Consequently, it can not be ruled out that this protection system involuntarily involved the charging cycles as well.

At the time Apple has not expressed itself on the controversy appeared online, but it is likely that the malfunction is resolved with a future software update. To date, there is no indication of the persistence of the problem in the last beta of iOS 12.1 delivered to developers.

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