Dec 2, 2019
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Leroy Merlin announces Enki’s compatibility with Google Assistant

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For over 2 years, Leroy Merlin via Enki wants to democratize the uses and benefits of the Connected House. Today with the integration of Google Assistant, you can now control all of Enki’s scenarios with voice.

For example, Google Connected speakers (mini / classic / max) and Google Nest Hub, connected Google watches, and Android smartphones can connect Google Connected speakers (mini / classic / max) with Google Assistant. uses Enki by voice wherever you are.

At home, use of Google Home and Google Hub Hub connected speakers is preferred, while users can use their connected watch or smartphone in a mobile situation.

For a gain of comfort and time, for example when entering races with hands and arms loaded, it is now possible to launch the scenario “I’m coming back from the races”. This simple voice command from its connected watch equipped with Google Assistant allows instant opening of the garage door, the deactivation of the alarm, the lighting of the lamp of the entrance and the kitchen as well as the flap opening!

It’s been less than a year since Google Assistant launched the “routines” which are predefined series of actions and personalized by the user according to his needs, on the same principle as a scenario. Thus, it is now possible to enrich existing Enki scenarios by coupling them to Google routines. For example, in addition to scripting its alarm clock with the opening of the shutters, the lighting of the lights and the heating of its bathroom, we can add, via the “routines” Google Assistant new features such as: the agenda of the day, road traffic to work, weather of the day, etc …

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