Aug 3, 2019
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Spiritfarer is a game inspired by the myth of Caroonte and the films of Studio Ghibli

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During the E3 2019 conference, Microsoft presented for the first time the trailer for Spiritfarer , a new adventure / platform game developed for Windows 10 and Xbox One PCs by Thunder Lotus Games. After the Xbox conference, we had the opportunity to talk to creative director Nicolas Guérin, who explained to us what Spiritfarer is :

“Yes, as you say, Spiritfare is what we call an intimate management game about death, and in the game you play Stella, who is the little girl on the screen and is the new fairy master. She is a fairy spirit and with her there is Daffodil The Cat We will join his adventure with her and two other co-op players and in the game you will have to build a boat to explore the world, take the other two characters on board, ferry them with you and then leave them in the afterlife. In short, it is a management game [….]. The point is to make a safe haven for the spirit, so all those guys have stories, they have personalities, they have physically distinct features of the story. they want and when they are ready to go to the afterlife “.

What makes Spiritfare unique is, of course, its artistic style, and we were curious about what the studio’s sources of inspiration were for both artistic style and lore, and how the game tried to convey that message:

“Yes, we knew from the beginning that the myth of Caroonte would have characterized the whole game. Caroonte was the figure of destiny at the time of Greek mythology, so go to the river Stige and then Caroonte takes you on board, if you have a coin, to get you across the river, that’s what Stella is about. As for what you see, the graphic inspiration is much more colorful, much more generous, we wanted to talk about a very delicate subject, but at its core we were strongly inspired by the works by Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki, films such as The Enchanted City, Howl’s Wandering Castle, etc. “.

You can watch the full interview with Nicolas Guérin below. There was still no launch date for Spiritfare, but the game is scheduled for next year on Xbox One and PC.

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