Aug 12, 2020
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The Last of Us: Part 2: Tips and Tricks Without Spoilers

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Naughty Dog’s kids weren’t kidding when they said The Last of Us: Part 2 is their biggest and most ambitious game ever made to date. Having more complex mechanics and larger areas to explore will make it even more challenging, so we decided to share some of our tips and tricks after playing the game three times on the three most difficult difficulties (and in the meantime getting platinum). These tips are obviously free of spoilers, so you can read them without problems.

Use stealth
We’ve always considered it very obvious in games like this, but it’s still worth repeating. Your life will be much simpler if you hide or use the new mechanic that allows you to crawl on the floor to go unnoticed by enemies or go behind them to cut their throats in silence. This is not an action-focused game like the Uncharted series, so act accordingly.

Tall grass, containers, desks, cars and many other objects help you not to be seen, so most areas offer many opportunities for movement without being seen. So see if an enemy’s patrolling path takes him out of the sight of others or if you can find a nice isolated spot to throw a brick or bottle to lure an opponent where you want him to go. Watch out for the latter, though, as it could also lead to gatherings.

Not that managing two is a big deal, as you still have many options available. You can sneak in from behind, grab it when they’re not talking, and kill your hostage quickly before moving on to their partner. Alternatively, you can use the silencer you always have to create, using it to kill the other one before they warn the rest of the bad guys if you get noticed. Don’t worry, the shock will give you a second to fire a well-placed blow to the head or throat.

It is worth mentioning that this shock also applies to enemies. Are you worried that your goal may turn around before reaching it? Don’t worry, Naughty Dog has made the times so satisfying that you can make a normal run to your goal and have exactly enough time to grab them before a cry for help can get out of their mouth. This applies to all levels of difficulty.

Create it all
Being stealthy also makes it much easier to keep your inventory well stocked, but you don’t need to worry if you lose a few bullets, Molotov cocktails or whatever it may be. Playing in Normal mode made us leave a lot of resources behind because our inventory was already full most of the time and even on Hard it’s surprisingly generous. Make sure you create everything you can if you find a resource whose maximum capacity has already been reached. Why leave a bottle when you can use one of those in your inventory to create a silencer and then put the one you see on the table in your backpack? The same goes for medical kits. It is very tempting to recover every single kit until your health is dangerously low,

A concern reported by many of you is the fear of leaving resources or collectibles because something prevents you from returning to a previous area. Fortunately, The Last of Us: Part 2 has many clues that warn you if you are going to do something that will make the area where you are inaccessible. Having to force a door open at the request of a button, sliding down the wet mud or jumping from a higher level usually means you won’t be able to return, so take a look around if you think there might be other goodies hidden in the nearby.

Break the glass
Some of the things you might miss the first time will probably be behind the glass, as we are not used to being able to break practically every window as it happens in this Part II. A piece of glass will often be the only thing that stands between you and a resource or a collector’s item inside a house, car, wardrobe, refrigerator or whatever it is, so it’s worth breaking everything what you see with your knife or brick.

Open the doors
A closed door may initially frustrate you, but there is usually a way to get in some other way. Whether it’s a window elsewhere, a ventilation duct, a space in which to crawl and the intelligent use of a rope-like object. 99% of closed rooms can be opened by other means in Part 2. Think logically and you will probably find a way to earn your well-deserved reward inside.

Save those pills.
These rewards often include the pills you use to get new skills or improve old ones. You don’t need to spend it if the next updates don’t seem interesting to you. Some of the best skills can be found in the magazines that you will find later in the game and since you will not be able to maximize the updates in a playthrough, we advise you to keep your pills aside when something interesting is available.

Safe combinations
The Last of Us: Part 2it is designed so brilliantly that it allows you to solve most situations even if you have missed a tip or two. Where the original required to find the right letter or note to open a safe, the environmental narrative and sequel design reward common sense. We had a fantastic example in our first playthrough: a subtle note with the combination managed to escape us, but we simply looked around the apartment and asked ourselves: what combination would we have found living here? People like to use important dates as passwords, so a quick glance at the calendar next to the bed gave us the answer. Give it a

Collectibles easy to lose
Some collectibles can still be easily lost even when taking the above advice into account, so let’s conclude by sharing some general tips for those of you who want to find everything and get that platinum trophy:

  • Move around at the beginning of a new area or chapter. A heap of resources and collectibles are hidden right behind you at the beginning of a few chapters and after stepping over something.
  • Take melee weapons stuck in corpses. One of the last collectibles we found fell on the ground after removing a blade from a person’s body.
  • The ropes can be used creatively. A rope-like object can be used in more than one way. See if there is something apparently unattainable nearby.
  • Do you want to find collectibles that refer to two other Naughty Dog franchises and have their own trophies? Be very careful when looking for a very precious place and another where you would not bring a bull.

The Last of Us: Part 2 is now available exclusively on PS4, and if you want to know more about the latest game of Naughty Dog, you can read the Game On: The post-apocalyptic reality of The Last of Us: Part 2 our deepening </a> about the world of The Last of Us: Part 2 .

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