Nov 28, 2020
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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 + tablet versus Apple’s 2020 iPad Pro

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 + has just landed in our test labs. But before giving it our different protocols, let’s look at its reflectance and the mirror effect of its 12.4-inch Oled panel.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 + is one of the two new tablets from the South Korean firm. Unlike in previous years, the company offers two versions of its product, a classic which follows on from the Galaxy Tab S6 , and a more “pro” one that we are talking about in this article.

More specifically, we are going to look at its Oled panel, which turns out to be a very good auxiliary mirror. This was the first thing that jumped out at us when we unpacked the tablet to start testing in our labs. To figure this out, we compared the reflectance ratio of the screen with that of the iPad Pro 2020 12.9 ” . The latter is simply the best we can have on a touch pad. This new iPad is also the main competitor of this practical Galaxy Tab S7 +.

As we can see in the visual above, the difference in reflectance between the two screens is really noticeable. On the Galaxy Tab S7 +, we measured a reflectance rate of 50.1% while, on the iPad Pro, it was a rate of 24.9% that was noted in our test. A difference of 25% – or half – perceptible by the human eye, because the latter manages to distinguish this disparity when it is of the order of 20 to 30%.

The face of Louis – photo columnist and model for a day – appears clearly on the slab of the Galaxy Tab S7 +. We also notice that the photo is sharper at the level of its reflection, and not on the tablet itself. On the iPad Pro, the face doesn’t appear as clearly, it’s even quite difficult to see. In use, this will result in a lot of glare, even when the tablet screen is on. A rather annoying problem, especially when the sun hits the tablet directly. Fortunately, the Galaxy Tab S7 + offers good maximum brightness (475 cd / m²), which slightly corrects the situation.

Such reflectance is quite surprising from Samsung when we know that the treatment is absolutely not the same for its televisions. On the best models, the reflectance of the screen is only around 16%. A rather large gap.

Let’s qualify all the same, keeping in mind that the Oled panel offered on this Galaxy Tab S7 + is excellent – as was that of the Tab S6. But to know everything about it, we will have to wait for the full publication of the test in the course of next week.

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